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Spiritual Facilitation Course

Trimester Commitment

  • Ended
  • $1800/ Trimester
  • Online

Service Description

Graduating Class 2024 starts October 1st, 2023 Unlike anything you have ever even heard before, and to be honest something that is hard to understand. Jane and I take a look at what you eat, what you think about, what your reactions are, what your willingness to progress is like, what kind of connection you have with the Universe and your Higher Power? We bundle all that information up, sprinkle on a little sunshine (because, why not right?), and bam - boy, do we have insight, guidance, advice, and some pretty freaking cool resources for you. What's your shadow up to? (you know, that dimly lit history of all the sh*t you've ever done in your life) - gonna look at that Do you listen to yourself when your intuition speaks? (you know, that tiny voice in the back of your mind, faint - but a whisper, that tells you you ought not eat that gluten and you knowing its in your highest good so you actually listen?) - gonna poke at that a bit more Do you sometimes sit there and think, "I know there's more to me, I know there's more to this human experience, I want to know what else my consciousness could understand but I don't know where to start. I wish someone would give me a manual to know all the things I know I want to know but don't know yet" - we're gonna dig into this Unlock yourself, join us. . . . Serious (and committed to growth) inquiries only. Email with your interest and we will send you our welcome letter and application

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