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Our Story

Bringing Awareness to Truth. Together.

The Seed of Life began as an idea in a local Sedona hotel. The thought of becoming an Education Platform started to take shape in April of 2023 and with much thought and dedication, became fully formed and open to students October 1, 2023. We knew we had a passion for pushing the current limits of human consciousness, and have since been focusing on consciousness awareness in the every day community we interact with. We quickly became empowered as spiritual leaders & pioneers—engaging with more and more people, adding more and more supporters, and amplifying and validating more and more voices.

The Seed of Life facilitates a thoughtful academic program that promote real solutions to some of the biggest mental, physical, emotional, interpersonal, spiritual (I could keep going...) challenges faced by society. We challenge the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be, and are a confident spark for positive and powerful human transformation.

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The Team


~ Devoted to our Mission ~


We’re very grateful for our small but mighty partnership and our ability to contribute our unique experiences, abilities, and insight to your successful journey. Find out more about us below.

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Jane Elizabeth

~ Spiritual Facilitator, Co-Founder ~

Jane is a passionate facilitator with decades of experience under her belt. There will never be a dull moment in her company. Jane is a pivotal person and catalysts for every human she encounters. Diligently serving, Jane has devoted decades of her life to help people release their demons, sooth their soul, heal their body, and align with God & His Angels.

Find more about Jane at

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Kassidy Ann

~ Spiritual Facilitator, Co-Founder ~

Kassidy has an energetic personality and constant smile, she has a way of making you feel supported. A forever student, Kassidy is constantly learning, growing, and surrendering. Ready & willing, she has limitless unconditional love, patience, and Divine guidance to share with the world.

Word of the Season: Effulgent


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Moon: Capricorn

Rising: Gemini

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"It was never the world that granted pleasure at all, but one's own enjoyment of it"

Dr. David R. Hawkins

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