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Discover The Lemurian Healing Experience!

Discover the healing power of the lost water world, Lemuria - One in Flow and Infinite in Energy. Lemurian Healings Connect, Ground, Clear, Balance, and Align your energetic experience (chakras) with your manifested experience (physical). 

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White Sheet

Well, What is it?

What do I get out of this?

During your session, you will learn how to Ground yourself and Connect with your Divinity. Then, we will clear you, your mind, body, being, aura & holographic experience of all negative attachments. Once your field is clear, we will pull a Lemurian Oracle Card for you to get a sense of where attention might need to move for you (maybe you pull the heart chakra and we discover an opportunity to clear stuck energies and make space for higher frequency energies), we then move into the healing session.

During your session, you will lie down on the massage table; newly Connected, Grounded, & Clear - and we will proceed to move Lemurian Tensor Tools along your Chakra system (above the Tip Top of your head and below your feet), along the way these tools will clear all low vibrating frequencies (they vibrate at the speed of light (144 MHz) which bring your energetic flow into balance and harmony. Once you are in balance, we pull an additional Lemurian Oracle Card to discover the transformation experienced and what to expect moving forward. A few mindful minutes of connected breathing will be the final steps to pull the session to a head and allow a deep breath in, in Alignment.

Healings are in person only. We are located in Sedona, AZ - Give us a call if you would like to learn more or book a session for your next visit to Sedona!

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